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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3-17-14 Pacific White Sided Dolphins Are Here!

Monday, March 17th

...I got word that Pacific white sided dolphins were in the wasn't until later in the afternoon that they came closer to where I might be able to hear them on the Orca Sound or the Lime Kiln hydrophones...
...and it wasn't until about 7:50 on OS Hps pm (NOT 9:15 like it says on the clip- oops) it was 9:15 that I started hearing them on LK Hps...and then back on the OS Hps...'s a short clip of what I heard.. 
video's not common for them to be in this area at this time of year...must be some food they like!
...Pacific white sided dolphins were seen to the north in the last few days...article from
Dolphins, orcas delight watchers in Vancouver, Squamish.  Interesting read...
...since I last heard them on the OS HPs at 2 a.m....just maybe they are still in the area and maybe whales will show up too...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update about the dolphins!