Saturday, December 30, 2017

12-30-17 Killer Whales - Ts - Quite Exciting These Days

Saturday, December 30th has been a busy time, mainly nighttime, hearing Ts over the hydrophones -  12-24, 12-26, 12-27, and 12-28, for a total of over 6 hours.  Ts were seen a few times in a few different places, but I either got there too late or they were not in any area nearby.  
I was beginning to think I was destined to only hear orcas over the hydrophones and not ever see one again!
...but yay! that changed today when I got to the right spot at the right time - whew!  The pics are not that great, but they provided enough info...
...there was no way I was going to attempt to ID from my camera and so glad that when I got home I got the pics onto the computer and looked right away...and what a surprise!
...when I realized there were two babies I began to wonder if those 'endearing- sounding calls' (JB said they sounded like puppies) on the night of 12-24-17 were from these whales.  Of course we'll never know for sure... is a sample of those calls from that evening:
It sure is fun to wonder about.

Monday, December 4, 2017

12-4-17 A Busy Whale Day for December

Tuesday, December 4th
Southern Residents and two different humpbacks, of two different sizes, and at two different times, is about the easiest way to explain the day.

...the day began for a go, look, see what might be out there.
It wasn't long before an adult humpback showed up along the west side, close to shore, going down island.  But it took a while to get an image, because it was so close to shore that trees and houses were blocking my view!
I was able to get one image that gave me dorsal fin shape, but that was it. was off to town and home again...walking up to the porch out in the distance I see a huge splash! was a humpback and it was slowly going down to the park...
...this humpback was more active and appeared to be feeding...
...this was a little humpback...didn't know if it would come this way or not...
well, here's the answer...
...that fluke let me know this little one was likely going to be down for a few where would it appear next? from the front of the lighthouse, having made a big loop and heading back up island...
...I knew that J and K Pod whales were headed in but didn't know how far they had gotten...little did I know their faint calls began over the Lime Kiln hydrophones while I was watching the little humpback!...

...waiting, listening, waiting, listening...their calls were very faint and they would not likely be able to be seen before dark...but I knew they were out there...
...getting home I had both the Lime Kiln and the Orca Sound hydrophones going...I could hear faint calls of the SRKWs, J and K, and likely Onyx L-87...

...their calls did not get much louder, and then, all of a sudden I heard a humpback first I thought it was on the Lime Kiln hydrophones, but I was wrong it was over the Orca Sound hydrophones - glad I was recording so I could verify which location...and then this humpback - I am guessing it's the little one 'carried on' for close to an hour...and from the sound of it he/she was in the same area the whole time...

...what an interesting day it was!

12-4-17 Oh, The Holiday Rush - video

I post this each year.  Enjoy.

Friday, December 1, 2017

12-1-17 Another Busy Hydrophone Day

Friday, December 1st
1:00 in the morning
6:15 in the evening

SRKWs in the morning
Humpback in the evening

Definitely a great way to begin December!