Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's been going on?

First and foremost I want to thank all of you who have enjoyed reading about the whales and looking at the images on Whale of A Purpose, Extras In the Whales' World, and Whale Comics, over the last several years.

What is most special to me is sharing ABOUT the whales, and from the many emails and comments I have received it is special for you too. My images are part of the story of the whales and it is not appropriate for them to be taken out of context and taken without permission.

My blog was being compromised so I shut it down.  It's a good time to do some upgrading, house keeping and redesigning. I hope to have Whale of A Purpose back up very soon.


And now... for a whale encounter update. Today, February 9th, some J Pod whales showed up this morning and spent the day off the west side of San Juan Island in Haro Strait.

Was it Group A - Granny's Group?
Was it Group B - the J11s, J17s and J22s?

And where were the J16s in all this?

I only saw whales of Group B and only some members of each group of the J11s, J17s and J22s.

I don't think the J16s were with them this time...but I'm not completely sure... back to working on getting Whale of A Purpose back up and running...

Thanks for your patience.

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