Sunday, July 14, 2013

7-14-13 Is It Looking Us In the Eye Again?

Friday and into Sunday, July 12-14th
...J, K, Onyx L-87, and the L22s were in the area on Friday...that evening they came up to the lighthouse and turned back again... Saturday they were seen heading west in the Strait of Juan de Fuca...where L pod was coming in...however, they spent a good portion of the day out there not picking a direction (from what I was told - I wasn't out there)...last seen heading west...bye, bye whales again!  
...guess who stayed?  Yep, the L22s...I guess there is enough salmon to sustain three whales.  Now that's a pretty sad situation for this entire ecosystem...scary stuff going on right now...

...and what were Spirit, Skana and Solstice doing on Saturday?... I sit here, Sunday afternoon writing this, that's what the L22s are probably doing again today...
from July 1-14
...the L22s have been here 13 of 14 days in July...
...the rest of the whales have been here 6 days or less...

...I am curious about harbor seal pups - usually there is a population 'explosion' as I call it...the harbor seal pups being born all within about 2 weeks...but this year, we are seeing only a few, and I'm hearing from others that there just aren't that many pups...

-Are they going to be late?  
-Are there just not going to be many pups this season? 
-Is nature taking care of bringing back a balance to the numbers?

If so is that what nature is doing regarding the whales, bringing back a balance? That seems to be the opposite.  A few years ago the question was: would the whales eat other fish or start eating marine mammals?...or...would they just starve?...or...would they go somewhere else?

Are the answers to those questions
 looking us in the eye? 
Maybe so.

Scary stuff.

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