Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-31-13 If Only We Would Do For You What You Do For Us.

Tuesday, December 31st

...so I ask a question:  If these tags are for establishing/increasing critical habitat designation, yet current critical habitat does not apppear to be addressed and dealt with in a manner to benefit the whales (one example-purse seiners), why then spend so much time and $$ on other areas when it appears that not much is being done regarding the current Critical Habitat designation in the Salish Sea for the whales?

...link here to see what the federal government says about Critical Habitat.   Scroll to the bottom of that page and read what it says.

Here is another link explaining what Critical Habitat is.

It may surprise you.  It did me.  When I hear the term Critical Habitat it sounds to me like they are going to take care of the habitat they designated to make sure - in this case - the whales will get enough salmon (food is the first basic needed to survival) which would hopefully help them to thrive and increase in population (the goal of the recovery plan).
BUT...when it states that economic, national security, and other relevant impacts 'have to be given careful consideration' (I understand that)...well then if the fishermen (just one example) raise their voices loud enough - oh, sorry whales you lose.  (It's the government that sets the fishing regulations.) Most sport fishermen I spoke with last season were just fishing what the regulations said. Let's not forget the purse seiners and other commercial fisheries out there...oh, and those harbor seals - they sure eat a lot of that salmon...

BUT...who is speaking for the whales?  It appears to me that the whales have no voice.
Here's my question: WHO is the party that will look at the pieces and reach a conclusion that will result in plenty of salmon (mainly the Fraser River Chinook salmon) without everyone and their own agendas getting in the way?
Yeah, I know - good luck with that.

This 'tagging business':
Will it have any affect for their future in a positive way?
How long will it take?...Because I don't believe the whales have forever - food the basic need for survival...

...2013 started with Scoter K-25 carrying in his dorsal fin a satellite tag, 'shot'(for lack of a better word) into him a few days prior (12-29-12)...throughout the year I tried to get images of his tag...was it still there?...was it gone?...what did the area look like?...(some of these images you may have seen on some of my prior blog posts)...

...when the lighting is just about perfect...

...2013 is ending with Onyx L-87 carrying a satellite tag that was 'shot' (for lack of a better word) into him on December 26th...

...and with Granny J-2 in the middle...
...then in the evening of December 30th, about 7:30 p.m. calls began coming over the Orca sound hydrophones...so wonderfully loud - especially for this time of year...

Thank you whales!
I hope the humans will be able 
to return the gift
in the form of an abundance 
of wild Chinook salmon for you in 2014.

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