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Sunday, October 26, 2014

10-26-14 Singing Humpback Was Just Feeding

Sunday, October 26th  (re-posted with corrections) my excitement to record and share these sounds made by a humpback whale on 10-26-14, I neglected to go back to the recording from last year that was confirmed to be a singing humpback whale...

 ...when I heard these sounds, I had remembered them from last year's recording and jumped to the conclusion the humpback whale was singing.
...however, researchers from Alaska let me know that these sounds are related to feeding...
...going back and listening to last year's recording and comparing it to this year's recording, I can see the are some differences...'s the same clip I originally posted from 10-26-14 with different wording...

...with all the humpback activity within the Lime Kiln hydrophone range and not hearing any of these sounds except for this one time...oh, gee, it just gives me something else to wonder about!

added:  go to blog post from 11-1-14 for more humpback sounds and this time it's the beginning of song.


Susan Marie Andersson said...

How incredibly wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!! <3

Great to see you this weekend too.


joanne said...

Ted heard them out there last night, slapping and breaching like gun shots! Thank you for sharing their music with us!