Sunday, November 1, 2015

11-1-15 Beyond Words-What Animals Think and Feel - Book Review

Beyond Words
Last spring I was invited to write a review for the book Beyond Words, What Animals Think and Feel, by Carl Safina.  The busy season with killer whales was just beginning for me so reading and reviewing a book - which I had never done before, would have to wait. However, I took a few moments to read the jacket.  There inside the front cover was one statement that immediately 'caught' me. 

Now it is fall and I have read the book. Carl Safina drew me in and kept me there from cover to cover.  So much learned and examined, it was not easy to put it down, except of course if the killer whales were nearby.  In this book, Beyond Words, What Animals Think and Feel, Carl Safina writes about many animals, from elephants to wolves, killer whales (orcas), the tiniest of insects to tigers and pet pooches.  He brings in science, but only to the point of making a point and not causing my eyes to become like a deer in headlights, if you know what that expression means. So many times I found myself saying, "Wow," and other times pausing to just take it all in.  It gives me chills (the good kind) when I think of some of the things I learned, I ruminated about, I questioned, and I was astounded about.  Oh, and laugh? may find yourself with a big smile and sometimes laughing out loud!

No matter which species, he weaved the what and the who together in an interesting and yet educational manner. You may find yourself rejoicing on one page, feeling sad on the next, and then hopeful for the future, as humans recognize there is more to animals than being an 'it'.  The world is full of stories about animals and this book brings to the surface their essence.  You may find yourself looking at and thinking about things in a different way. I cannot thank him enough for writing this book.  Get it!  I think you will be glad you did. 

Sincerely, Jeanne Hyde
San Juan Island, WA
Blog:  Whale of A Purpose

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