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Monday, December 7, 2015

12-7-15 Were Those Pacific White Sided Dolphins?!

Monday, December 7th
...late morning, while just arriving in town, I hear that 'orca' - 1?, 10? how many? don't know...were seen near Sidney Island...well if it was the Residents who I think went up in the wee hours on 12-5, then I wanted to find out...U-turn and on my way back...
...just as I charge in the door I hear what sounds like 'chirping birds' on the Orca Sound hydrophones...but it lasted only a few seconds...hummm...
...scanning along the west side revealed nothing especially with the seas not so nice and the rain coming down...
...however, I was now recording...later on I looked and there on the Lime Kiln hydrophones were 4 additional times of those 'chirping birds' sounds!...I was quite they were there between 11:30 on Orca Sound and the last over Lime Kiln at 1:45, each time for only a few seconds...

...It sounds like it was LAGS - Pacific White sided dolphins...which would be really neat...they have shown up here in December in the last few years...'s what I heard:
...maybe someone will spot them, that is when the seas decide to calm down, because right now it would be near impossible to tell Lags from white caps!

...winter hydrophones...excellent!

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