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Saturday, February 18, 2017

2-18-17 Three Whales - Three Generations

Saturday, February 18th
...J and K Pods went up two days ago... some of them came back down... got a bit intriguing: whales seen in two different places this morning - one group miles away going up and away...the other going down Haro Strait...(they had been spotted in Spieden Channel earlier)

...but who were they - Residents or Transients ???

...when they came into hydrophone range they were silent! least I couldn't hear anything in the way of orca...
...that is until a few began echolocating off Lime Kiln...of course by then they were there...
...only three within IDable range:
Princess Angeline - grandmother
Kiki - daughter
Star - granddaughter surprised to see two Brant geese - it's the time of year for these geese to be moving north to more about them:

...Kiki is short for Kikisobleu, which was Princess Angeline's real name...
here's one link to read about Kikisobleu 

...others were present but miles from shore...they were all heading toward the west...J Pod and Onyx L-87... where is K Pod?...

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