Sunday, March 4, 2018

3-4-18 Awakened By the Whales!

Sunday, March 4th
01:50 - a.m.
It's been a long time...actually just about five weeks since J Pod has been heard over the Lime Kiln or the Orca Sound hydrophones AND it's been since December for K Pod whales and before that for L Pod whales.

They came in from the west and up Haro Strait...I heard K Pod whales first, with their kitten-like sounds...and a short while later J Pod calls...with their many different calls.  Their calls bring smiles, makes one feel good, feel connected to the sea, and feel that at least for the moment, all is right.  Unfortunately, the ship noise has a way of interrupting that but it makes me listen even more intently, beyond that noise, to hear the calls of the whales.
At one point I heard what sounded like Onyx's L-87 distinct call.  There was only one or two other times during their acoustical pass-by that I heard the L Pod 'up-tick' call, a call that Onyx uses as well as all the family groups in L Pod.  And since there were only a few of those L Pod calls, it was an indicator that it was likely that other L Pod whales were not present or they were silent.

...I was expecting them to show up sometime soon...and now is's getting to be time for the herring run up near Comox, BC...I've learned that the whales come in, NOT for the herring, but for the salmon that are after the herring...hopefully there will be a plethora of food for all.

In addition to having the whales return today you may or not have heard that
the Washington State Legislature voted to ban Atlantic farmed salmon from these waters.  Just do a search for WA state bans Atlantic farmed salmon and you will find many articles.

There is another bill in the WA state legislature...the Senate has passed it and next it goes to the House.  This bill is for orca protection and would be such an asset to have to help protect the SRKWs from many of the challenges they face.
It will take everyone to do their part to help this struggling community of orcas.
When there is enough who care, care enough to make the small sacrifices, those sacrifices add up to making a big difference, it can be done.

Looking forward to seeing the whales in the daylight one of these days!


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