Monday, May 21, 2018

5-21-18 J Pod's Absence is Speaking Volumes

Monday, May 21st
There are 10 more days in the month of May.

This is the 42nd year that the arrivals and departures of J, K, and L Pods, to and from the Salish Sea, have been tracked by researchers.

It isn't about how many days they were here, but whether they were here at all, during the month of May each of those years.  J Pod has made their presence known in the Salish Sea every month of May...except for the second year (1977) when there was a ?-mark as to whether any SRKWs were present or not.  

Will this be the first documented year that they are not present in the month of May?

Thanks to a whale watcher in Tofino, J Pod, some L Pod and some K Pod whales were encountered on May 17th.

Many people have commented, "The sun is out, the weather is good, many people have returned for their research season, and now we just need the whales."
I disagree.  We need the salmon in here first and then the whales.

From Andrews Bay south to Land Bank, similar to last year, the gulls are few and far between.  This past April there were gulls and now nothing.
So when I saw this gull today...not much else to look at...and then the gull got my attention...
...he stuck his head down under and came up with a piece of kelp...
...I don't think they eat what was going on?...
...several times the gull stuck his head under the surface but came up empty...
...this time he was looking "serious"...
...tried it again...
...and then another try and success!
...a few minutes later success again at another section of kelp...
...maybe 'pleased with his catches'  :) there were some Dall's porpoises offshore in the area of the lighthouse.
...there have been some Transients in the area but not close to this side of the island.
...a few humpbacks too.
...but once again this year at this time...Haro Strait, in this area, is pretty sparse...

Watch for the bird 'indicators'.
Watch for the bait fish to start showing up.
Then we hope the salmon will.
And then the SRKWs.

In the meantime we're glad that they have been seen, even if it was close to 150 miles away.

Think of what you can do each day to be kind to your environment.

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