Wednesday, February 12, 2020

2-12-2020 The Octopus and the Sea Lion

Wednesday, February 12th

2-14 - just got it confirmed  -  that is the eye of the octopus!!! (3rd and 4th image) WOW!

A quiet day...a couple harbor seals...but then...

 This image shocked me...was I looking at the eye of the octopus?  I had to go look up images of one..yes, I think that is!
..the more I looked at it the more it looks like an arm looped up. Maybe an arm is wrapped around the eye!

At first it was difficult to tell what that sea lion had...but there were too many long pieces (arms), so it was likely an octopus...quite fascinating to watch this sea lion right near the lighthouse, take this octopus and the force used when flinging it.
I thought they were called tentacles but I learned octopus have arms, not tentacles.

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