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Saturday, May 18, 2013

5-18-13 It Began and Ended with Kayakers

Saturday, May 18th

...I didn't know where the whales were, but shortly before leaving for the harbor I noticed several kayaks quite a distance from shore - that should have been my first clue...just 30 minutes later, leaving the dock on Maya's Westside Charters another boat radios that the whales were just to the south of I know why those kayakers were out there!
...J Pod was spread from shore to a mile or so offshore heading down island at a good speed...after a while they stopped and were socializing...some surfaced with kelp on them...

...I always love the eye... wasn't long before they began to move up island...they stopped about a mile south of the park for a couple hours...when they moved up island, they were really close to shore, like 'on the rocks'...this image is as they are passing the cove just north of the lighthouse...
...they continued to move up island in a resting pattern, passing some kayakers...
...I wonder if J pod knows just how much people love seeing them!

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