Friday, May 31, 2013

5-31-13 A Heart Shaped Blow

Friday, May 31st
...J pod came past  Lime Kiln lighthouse about 1:30 today...moving quickly down island... wasn't until close to 7 pm that they came back up island past the lighthouse... the J14s approached there was some tail action so I grabbed my video's a snippet ...the little one is baby J-49... was the last day for a group of students from Ripon College, located in Wisconsin, and they so hoped the whales would come by...and they did!

...only half of the whales passed by the light...I wondered where the other half was...then almost an hour later I spotted them about 4 miles offshore in a resting was Group B and they were about an hour behind Group least they were all heading in the same direction! was their blows that helped a person spot them so far from shore...and it was a beautiful sight, even that far away...
..notice the heart shaped blow (I zoomed this image in to show the blow better)...I have seen this several times with the killer whales, but they aren't the ones who are supposed to have that...I'll have to investigate more...

...and a San Juan Island sunset - wow! I saw what appeared to be more foraging in kelp beds...yum... salmon...I hope!

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