Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-26-13 Video Provides A Teachable Opportunity

You have most likely seen this wonderful video as the whales came through Active Pass on was taken from shore by some folks from their home...what an awesome sight it was and it is great that they shared it on the internet for others to see.

An educational opportunity arose while I watched this video. I appreciate the comment as it is very appropriate for the situation at hand.  People don't know that there really isn't any food in here for the Southern Resident Endangered killer whales.

One place on the video at about 2 minutes 10 seconds a comment is made: "there must be tons of fish." 

Killer whales in Active Pass 8-25-13 

It's normal for the Southern Residents to travel through Active Pass to the area of the Fraser River to forage on their preferred food, Chinook (King) salmon, so I can understand why the comment was made.  And I wish it was true, but it's not. That afternoon the whales reached the 'T14 can' as it is called, up past the Coal Docks, and instead of foraging they turned around and came back south and left for the open ocean.

The whales don't have enough food for them in here and based on the few sightings of them this season, down by at least 75% they have not had enough food all year long.  The data from the Fraser River Panel test fishing supports that as well.

A decline in Fraser River Chinook salmon has been going on for many years and has reached an undeniable state, yet it appears that people are not being educated as to what is happening.

We all love seeing the whales and in order to continue to do so I think we may need to make sure they have enough food, or they may just decide to not come back.

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