Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-29-13 Was That an HB? / KW? / Or...

Tuesday, October 29th
...out on Maya's Westside Charters to see what we might see...there have been humpbacks in the area one was spotted in Haro Strait near Turn was moving in a very large circle... we arrived on scene the whale surfaced and dove again, showing the tail was BCY0409!...I had learned from Ivan of the Western Prince, he and some crew had seen this same humpback near Nanimo last Friday!
...a Mt. Baker moment...BUT BCY0409 didn't show flukes!! 

...lots of bald eagles are seems early for so many to be here...but then maybe they are increasing in numbers...speaking of increasing in numbers...maybe now we know why there have been juvenile Steller sea lions showing up in these waters during the last few years...
...their numbers have jumped up so much they have been taken off the Endangered Species List.  
Wish that could happen
for the 
Southern Resident killer whales
some day.
...more Steller sea lions means more salmon getting chomped on...I wonder if they are calculated into whatever formula it is the powers that be use for determining just how many fish can get caught...
...and if so, I'd be really curious as to the calculated number of salmon being eaten by the ever growing number of Harbor seals...
...this 'salmon eater' looks like he/she knows how to save some for later... word on orca...but about an hour after getting home I learn there are whales on the west side...who? many?...direction?...the sun was going down quickly...I didn't have much time to spot whales... didn't take long...I saw three whales, close to two miles off shore...but that's all I saw... got about 6:30 I began hearing Southern Resident Calls on the Lime Kiln hydrophones...I cropped to get the calls closer together, so you'll hear short pauses when I did that...

...some of those sounds made me think 'humpback?'
...was a killer whale mimicking a humpback whale?
...either that or maybe someone was having a baby!

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