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Thursday, November 14, 2013

11-10-13 Sea Lions and Sail Boats!

Sunday, November 10th was day two of the Round the County Race, and they would be coming south in Haro Strait and passing Lime Kiln Lighthouse...
...but before they arrived a group of California sea lions passed by the lighthouse, going down island... took the boats a while to reach the lighthouse...I think that one just about arrived! they were passing, two California sea lions 'popped up'...they looked like they were watching the boats!...
...they too were going down island, so I would guess I had now seen 7 California sea lions - and that's unusual!

...many people followed the racers down island...there were so many groups of boats it was challenging in pointing out which was being talked about...but in one group the colors and the angle of one boat made it look like a spyhopping orca...that helped!
...and while at the Cattle Pt. lighthouse another California sea lion passed by going up island - 8 CA sea lions - really unusual!...Steller sea lions at this time of year are common, but not California sea lions...
...and then the next day a California sea lion participated in the action instead of being a spectator! (that will be in the next post)

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