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Do Not Copy

Friday, January 17, 2014

1-16-14 Early Morning Wake Up Call!

Thursday, January 16th
5:48 a.m. I'm awakened to the sounds of an L pod 'uptick' call, as I describe it... was repeated several times, with some very faint other squiggles in the distance...lasting less than 3 minutes...over the Lime Kiln hydrophones... was it J pod with Onyx L87 down in the 'big water'?...or could it have been one of the several possible combinations of L pod groups?...I don't know because I didn't see them...

...two hours later 7:47a.m. I began to hear those uptick calls again...this time with a few other calls that were a bit more clear...'s a short chip of some of what I have to listen pretty closely...

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