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Monday, January 20, 2014

1-19-14 Well Hello 'Strangers'

Sunday, January 19th
...9:37 pm I hear faint calls on the Lime Kiln hydrophones...realizing they weren't J pod calls, I quickly switched to Orca Sound hydrophones and wow! were they loud!

Hello, Hello, L pod whales - now if you all would only show up in the daylight...sure sounded like the L12s (updated: Yes! definitely the L12s), and possibly other Ls, but daylight would be nice!...oh, well, will have to wait to see if someone sees them...

...then a while into listening, J pod showed up...'s a bit of what they had to say...
...when I last heard them, it was close to 11:20pm...the calls were faint off the Lime Kiln hydrophones...
...will those Ls still be around when the whales appear in the daylight - somewhere?...can't wait to find out!

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