Saturday, May 24, 2014

5-24-14 Will We See An Orca Today?

Saturday, May 24th
...and the little boy quietly said, "Will we see an orca today?"
...and then five minutes out of the harbor he and his brother fall asleep! order to see whales today we had some choppy seas to get we were on Maya's Westside Charters...headed to Becher Bay, west of Race Rocks...
...the whales were still heading our way and if they kept coming we might just 'see an orca today'.

...arriving on scene the next thing to do was wake up the kids...and that wasn't an easy task!...the whales were under and we waited and waited...everyone was looking and then Nicholas said quietly, "I see an orca." They had surfaced right where he was sleepily looking out the window!
...the looks on Zachery and Nicholas were priceless - their smiles couldn't have gotten much bigger!...Connection made for the future!
...we got some nice looks at the whales those first few minutes because most of the time it was more like this...
...then T49A1 began surfing the waves, of course he didn't stay up like people do...but still fun to watch!

...the whales turned toward the south...a parting shot of mom and new baby with the Elwha Valley in the distance...

...I know the transients may not be too interested in what goes up the Elwha River but the Southern Residents might - Chinook salmon - hopefully the native wild Chinook will be allowed to return and restore themselves to what was once the greatest!
...on our way home we saw some kite surfers who were liking the wind today too... the morning these whales had been all the way out at Sheringham - we're glad they made it in this far for the afternoon...

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