Monday, May 16, 2016

5-16-16 They Were So Busy Socializing

Monday, May 16th
...the day began with a tooth...needed to get to the dentist...probably no boat trip today...and then I hear there are orcas spotted in Swanson Channel - no direction, no number of individuals...
...just as I was about to go to the dentist I hear there are four whales (ended up being closer to 10) spotted near Jones Island and heading toward Spieden Channel... time to go ended up being an 'over the top' sort of day...
...One groups...where they came from and where they went can best be shown on this map... 
...out on Peregrine at noon with Andy at the helm we get to the whales (Group 1) who were now on the east side of Spieden Channel and into San Juan Channel heading down toward Friday Harbor...
...we soon learn of others just spotted (Group 2) who appeared just across the channel!

Group 1 consisted of:  T65As, T65Bs, and the T123s
Group 2 consisted of:  T36As, T99s, T93, and T97
It ended up being about 20 whales!


...when the two groups got together, there was a lot of going this way and that, and that way and this, and soon the T36As and T99s were mixed in with the T65As and Bs...T93 and T97, two adult males who travel together, were doing just that - they were behind the 'busy group,' and the T123s (three whales) were in their own group away from everyone else...
...the T36As, T65A/Bs, and the T99s socialized all day didn't appear they had made a kill at any time while we were on scene - on Peregrine for the afternoon with Andy and evening trip with Capt. Jim...just lots and lots of socializing going on...
...the family groups of the T36As, T65A/Bs, and the T99s, who were the surface active ones, would split back into their family group only to mix up again a few minutes later...late in the day there was a tremendous amount of vocalizing...not common to hear them as we was over the top...someone commented that it was 'sensory overload' - that's for sure!

Where are the Southern Residents?  They are looking for salmon - food to eat - and it obviously isn't in here.
If you haven't signed the petition yet, please do!  Your signatures and voice need to be heard by Washington, DC, and the 'powers that be' in Washington State!

Southern Resident Killer Whale Chinook Salmon Initiative
Please send Maria Cantwell a message today asking her to step up and support lower Snake dam removal. We cannot waste any more time with this issue. Congress does not need to authorize removal of the Snake dams. The LSRD EIS provides the authority to breach now. The clock is ticking. Extinction is forever.
More contact info can be found here:

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