Do Not Copy

Do Not Copy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

7-7-16 It's More Like May than July

Thursday, July 7th
...but first here's a short video of some of the transients seen recently..
video back today...
...I've decided that is not July 7th but is really May 1st!
...because the weather is drizzling and Group A came down Rosario Strait this morning (they had been at the Fraser feasting on salmon) and around the bottom end and up past Lime Kiln lighthouse this afternoon! - just like they would do in the spring so many times in the past!

...they were spread out, only 1/3 of J Pod is here, but this afternoon it rained pretty well, so just maybe more salmon will be coming in with more orcas chasing in behind them - we can surely hope!

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