Sunday, July 1, 2018

7-1-18 Sometimes You Have to Look for Hope

Sunday, July 1st
It is sometimes difficult when nothing seems to change...and what change their might be falls on deaf ears, a lot of talk, and slow to action...and in this situation well...
...outer coast - yes!  A couple days ago K Pod was seen near Tofino..same area where J Pod and some L Pod whales were seen a couple times in the last two months...

...and after that...I went looking for if 1 sockeye salmon, 1 sturgeon, and 4 Chinook were in the Albion test nets today...well I guess that is hope.  That is the first sockeye since they began this year in April...and if that is all the hope to be had today, I'll take it... day at a's a watch and see what changes come about...look for changes where you live that will give you hope...when I hear gulls making a lot of noise, my hope level will go up - that means food and small food brings bigger food and... here's to a day full of hope, even if you have to look for it!

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