Thursday, July 5, 2018

7-5-18 Restocking the Salmon

July 4 and July 5

But first a shout-out to Greenpeace - thanks for hanging from the bridge!  just do a search for: Greenpeace hanging from bridge and you can read about it.

I saw it on the CTV News last night - go Greenpeace!

...Yesterday was a great day for the Albion counts, well great in the fact that it was more than 1,2,3 or 4...'s my take on it:
...perhaps the whales 'let them go by'...sort of like restocking the seas for the future, even if they don't have much, they are doing their best to stay alive and maybe even know they have to help out their own future.

(Gotta have a bit of humor with all this, otherwise it is just totally depressing.)

the whales continue to stay on the outer coast...gee, I wonder why... 

July 5th
I have noticed when talking with folks, who are not in this world of the orcas and the challenges they face, that when I talk about the lack of salmon, etc. they don't seem to 'get it'...and then when I mention, "well, if your grocery store moved 100 plus miles away wouldn't you move too?"  All of a sudden it seems as if lots of light-bulbs just came on.

In whatever manner, it needs to be communicated to reach the recipients, otherwise it isn't making a difference...

...keep on talking to folks and express it in words that will really reach them...'s for the whales!

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