Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-14-14 Marine Mammal Eating Orcas Seize the Day!

Thursday, August 14th
...fog, fog and more fog...and even with all that fog someone spotted killer whales...transients/Bigg's/marine mammal eating killer whales...and there weren't just a few as we have been the time I got through all my images there were 7 family groups totaling 27 killer whales, plus possibly one more...
T124 and T124E
...out on Maya's Westside Charters we travel over to Rosario Strait to see the so many!'s been quite a while since we've seen a large group of Ts...


...and it was time for us to head back to the harbor...

...just as we were about to arrive back at the harbor we get a message that whales are on the west side...getting home as quickly as possible...I saw a few whales quite a distance offshore...the Center for Whale Research saw Granny J-2 go by, so I could guess who was here...later on, in the distance coming up from the park, was a tall dorsal fin who I suspected was Mike J-26 with a few others...probably his family group, since they are often the trailers...
...the first calls on Lime Kiln hydrophones were at 4:17 pm and the last calls were at that's quite a spread for just 13 whales...

-There are close to 80 whales in this Community.
-Why is it that only 13 of them are in these waters?
-People see whales and think that everything is great.  Well it's great for the humans to see whales.
-But is it great for the whales?  There isn't much food in here and that's why most of the Community isn't here.


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