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Friday, November 7, 2014

11-7-14 The Hydrophones A Busy Place

Friday, November 7th
...the Lime Kiln hydrophones have been a busy place the early hours today I heard transient calls...
...the calls occurred at three different times over about 1 and a half hours...'s a short clip...

...out on Maya's Westside Charters, we spotted a humpback was BCY0409, who has been nicknamed Yogi!...
...Yogi was heading down Haro Strait and toward Discovery Island lighthouse...eventually rounding the corner and heading a bit south and then west when we departed the scene... far as I know those Ts I heard in the early morning hours were not seen and they can go where ever they want!
...maybe someone coming down Rosario Strait on Saturday, during the Round the County sailboat race will spot them!

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traci said...

Awesome vocals JEanne!!! Thanks for sharing!