Friday, May 29, 2015

5-29-15 Obama asked to issue EO to breach the lower Snake River Dams

Obama asked to issue Executive Order to breach the lower Snake River Dams

Southern Resident Killer Whale Salmon Initiative
May 29, 2015 — We have some excellent and hopeful news, but need your help NOW to continue the momentum!

This week a powerful ally had the opportunity to ask President Obama to issue an Executive Order to breach the four lower Snake River dams. The President was presented with a packet of information (including Southern Resident orca adoptions for his daughters–of the whales J35, Tahlequah and J37, Hy'shqa) on the issues surrounding Snake River dam breaching. In the discussion, President Obama replied that, "This looks like something we might be able to do. I will get back to you after my staff and I review the issue."

This is a tremendous opportunity—one we may not have again for many years.

Please write or call the President at the White House. Let him know (in your own words) that you support his effort to start breaching these dams within his term using an Executive Order. Encourage President Obama to rise above the politics and bureaucratic lethargy that has stalled this action for the last 20 years.

Click here and write today!

Stay tuned to to order our new t-shirt featuring the beloved Southern Resident orca Rhapsody breaching the dams...

Thanks to all for your support!
Letters to Politicians
Letters to Politicians
Supporters of Southern Resident Killer Whales-we are asking you to take action to keep the whales from being dammed to extinction. We need to convince President Obama and our Washington State...

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