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Do Not Copy

Friday, February 14, 2014

2-14-14 It's Pink !

February 14th

Anyone you would like to send this 'smooch' too? Go for it!

...back to February 11th
Those brief calls were on the Lime Kiln hydrophones.
...the 13th...

...there were two in the bay going back and forth...they were very active and coming up between the large swells...
...I began hearing a sound coming from behind me...I couldn't place it...then I saw 'IT!' - public enemy #1, in my book - a river otter!
...the place looks like a fortress around the edges with all kinds of deterrents (hopefully) to cause it to want to have its babies somewhere else...yeah, they are cute but they are extremely destructive and extremely stinky...
...later on a friend called to tell me he had seen the Space Station fly by...and he was so's really neat to see even if it is for only a couple minutes...
...the last time I saw the Space Station was in's my attempt at video taping it - ha!
...we were talking about the Steller sea lions at Green Pt. on Spieden Island...several times in the last three years, while out with Capt. Jim of Maya's Westside Charters, we've seen an increasing number of juvenile Steller sea lions, but only rarely at Green Pt...this one was at Green Pt. early in 2013...
...but usually it's just the adult males and occasionally a California sea we're waiting for the moms and pups to show up there too!

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