Do Not Copy

Do Not Copy

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2-2-14 My What Strange Sounds You Have!

Sunday, February 2nd

...11:35 a.m. I hear something...other than the river otter who is making a home under my place...and other than the radios that are blaring oh, so loudly, to make it go away!
...yes, it's whales - of some sort anyway!

...the calls lasted about 18 minutes...they were intermittent...some were very faint...they only came over the Orca Sound far as I am aware...
...I strung the majority of the calls together in a 21 second clip for easier listening...there were more of the same calls- fainter or with ship noise so I did not include them...

...I'll take that as a whale fix for today and a good start to February!

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