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Do Not Copy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4-29-14 U-Turn for Pacific White Sided Dolphins!

Tuesday, April 29th word on whales anywhere today, all we were heading back to the harbor Capt. Jim gets a phone call from Capt. Craig at the helm of the Western Capt. Jim was talking the boat was turning back around..."what?...where?"...LAGS!!!

...amazing! simply amazing...
..just like with the whales every encounter with the Pacific white sided dolphins is they seemed to like being in the stern wake...
...enjoy... has not been common for these to be in this area...but for the last couple months they have been encountered many times.


Mary Ann Rice said...

I love reading your updates & seeing the gorgeous photos! I can not wait to get back there.. Thank you for all that you do, Jeanne. You are amazing!

Jeanne said...

Thanks Mary Ann!

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