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Sunday, April 6, 2014

4-6-14 The Antics of the Whales!

Sunday, April 6th

...whales were seen to the north in the early part of the day...lucky for us when we left the harbor at 1:00 on Maya's Westside Charters we headed straight out about four miles and met up with a very fun group of Ts! was the T49As and the T65As...both families have a new baby, a total of three other young kids, and the two older boys shown above...for a total of 9 whales present today...(T49A2 keeps it confusing because he/she travels with T49B and her family)
... one wanted to leave, but sometimes you just have to go back to the harbor...'s a clip of some of their fun... I wrote this post this evening I heard the whales' calls in the distance over the Lime Kiln hydrophones from about 6:15 until 9:30pm...
...and tomorrow we might not have a clue where they are!

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