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Saturday, April 5, 2014

4-5-14 Whales, Pacific White Sided Dolphins, and Eagles!

April 3rd...
7:11 a.m. on the Orca Sound hydrophones...sounded like they were having breakfast - the T49As and the T65As...the calm sea conditions may have contributed to making it sound as if they were much closer than they actually were...however, those calm seas disappeared by late morning and the few who did see them, saw them in pretty wild seas...I was glad to have been on shore that day!

April 4th...
...while on Legacy Charters...Pacific white sided dolphins - again!...a group of about 15 to 25...the seas were a bit choppy...the dolphins visited with us for a while, would disappear and then all of a sudden show up again...after about 30 minutes they completely disappeared...amazing!
...before the Pacific white sided dolphins showed up in March, lots of Dall's porpoise were present...when the dolphins showed up the porpoise disappeared...what is that about?

April 5th...a trip filled with bald eagles...more eagles today than Pacific white sided dolphins yesterday!
"I said there are five of us on this rock."    

...the nictitating's the eagle's form of polarized sunglasses - really!
...young eagle's eyes are brown and lighten up as they mature... whales seen in this area today, as far as I know...maybe tomorrow...
I figure "everyday I don't see them is one day closer to when I will!"

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