Saturday, April 1, 2017

4-1-17 Watching Transients in the Strait of Georgia

Saturday, April 1st
...just about to leave Friday Harbor on the Western Prince, the Capt. gets word of killer whales in the Strait of Georgia...and off we went... spectacular encounter with the T36As and the T99s...with the T123s off a short distance...they had taken a Steller sea lion before we had arrived and were in the process of having 'lunch' you could say...
...though some people don't like to hear that transient orcas eat marine mammals, it's just the way it is and when they take a large animal it takes a long while to eat they weren't going anywhere, which made it possible for those watching to not have to go anywhere either.

...while up to the north watching the Ts, word came that J pod calls were heard over the Lime Kiln hydrophones! was later learned that someone from shore had seen a small group of whales heading up...though no one was able (that I know of) to get IDs on who. 
...and since the last time we had seen any of the J Pod whales they were in three separate which group was this?

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