Monday, April 3, 2017

4-3-17 The J16 Family Group

Monday, April 3rd

...most of the text is on the images.  I was on the Western Prince out of Friday Harbor...we hadn't left the dock when word came that there were whales spotted in Haro Strait coming south...wouldn't ya know...I'd be on the other side of the island...BUT it always works it did on this afternoon...

 ...Alki and Sonic they were about 10 minutes behind mom, Echo, and Scarlet...hummm...seems she has moved into the 'cottage' adjoining the main quarters...i.e. she and Sonic are most often, at least lately, to be by themselves or with Mike...of course that could change.

...we now wait for their return from the least that's where it looked like they were heading.

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