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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4-4-17 Killer Whales the T11s

Tuesday, April 4th 
...this image is from March 30th...male? female? if it's a female she might be looking for a place to molt.
...then on April 4th while out on the Western Prince...the T11s, two animals, who are not usually seen here often during the the past it seems they are seen coming in, this time it was through Baynes Channel, and up Haro Strait, miles from the west side shoreline...often they will turn and go back out in the next day or two...we'll have to wait to see if/when they show up again...
...they appeared to be in hunt mode...about 1/4 mile apart and slowly moving along...looking, listening for a possible meal...perhaps.
...April 6th

...lots of bald eagle action...soon the eggs will be hatching and there will be even more action in the eagle world!

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