Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6-28-16 On the Rocks to Rock and Roll

Tuesday, June 28th
...I heard a brief burst of Transient calls over the Lime Kiln hydrophones (link on left column)...thinking it might have been the Ts that were found earlier this morning...wrong...on the rocks at the park!

...out on Peregrine with Capt. Jim for a two o'clock trip...by now the whales were in social groups, going this way and that...similar to yesterday...only today some would start to porpoise, others would follow, and then they would all slow down and turn back to where they had come from...on a later trip with Capt. Jeff the whales were doing the same thing...there were 23 transient orcas present during the day and it was a social time and was almost overwhelming with all the socializing that was going on...

...by the end of the day they had spent close to 8 hours within about a 5 mile radius...

Southern Resident endangered killer whales are supposed to be here now.
They aren't.
There is no salmon.
Their absence indicates they are finding salmon on the outer coast.  
Let's hope they stay out there eating until the salmon begin to move in here.
And then let's welcome them back with joy!

This chapter is still unfolding.     

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