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Do Not Copy

Thursday, June 9, 2016

6/9/16 Tripley Sweet!

Thursday, June 9th's not everyday that the Southern Residents are seen and yesterday (6/8) was one of them...some had been to the north and the others who had come down the night before were not, as my friend Ron says, "so, we wait"...
...and today was different...the whales who had been north came back down...and when they did they were zooming along with the ebb tide...the current was very strong and the whales 'just went with it'!
...I was watching from shore as the whales zoomed past at the park and one person asked me why they were down so long...well it was more like a movie that was on fast play!...the whales weren't down long they were just covering a good distance with each breath because of the strong current!

...there were at least two and maybe three instances of what appeared to be catching a fish and calling others was from the behavior seen at the surface coupled with the vocalizations occurring over the hydrophones that indicated that possibility...'sweet!' the same time the whales - Group B, the J16s, J19s, and Cappuccion K-21 and the K16s - were passing the park going down island, Granny's Group - Group A without the J19s-, the K14s and the k12s were coming back in from the west...
...late in the day they met up and all came across Haro Strait and up island in the sunset...another 'sweet!'

...home and listening to the Orca Sound hydrophones and once again the whales were quite loud...only tonight they were there for hours...and this time I fell asleep listening to the calls of J and K pods and Onyx!...and one more time sweet!...

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