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Thursday, July 17, 2014

7-17-14 Killer Whale Nigel L-95 and His Buddies

Thursday, July 17th
...another 6 a.m. rise and shine call from the whales... they went up, and up, and up...well at least to Turn Pt...
...the L pod whales came back down but J and K pod whales all continued north...

...on Maya's Westside Charters for a late afternoon trip, we met those L pod whales as they were coming up of their daily 'up and turn arounds'... in the distance we saw a couple whales off shore, so we headed that way...there were also some splashes not far from Nigel L-95, but I couldn't see any killer whale dorsal fins to go along with them...what was it? - Pacific White Sided Dolphins!'s Nigel L-95 and his 'new buddies'...

...sometimes in the summer there are a few sightings of Pacific white sided dolphins...having them harassing the orcas is something we rarely see.

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