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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-22-14 Onyx And Others Not Present Today

Tuesday, July 22nd
...when daylight came and the whales came down from the north, here's who was present...
Granny J-2, Samish J-14 and her kids and grand kid J-49, Slick J-16 and her kids, and Lea K-14 and her that's an unusual combination...a few of the whales who had come down...

...many searched many areas but no other Southern Residents were seen today at all, anywhere...
now this is getting to be very unusual...

Update on Onyx L-87:
This is the second full day that Onyx L-87 was not with Granny's Group, and we don't know who he is traveling with right now.
He has traveled with J pod since August 2010 for four years.
Prior to that he traveled with K pod for four years.
Prior to that his mother was still living.

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