Friday, May 16, 2008

5-16-08 My First Post - Redoing the Past

About Redoing the Past:
After my images were being taken in large quantities and showing up on social media sites without permission, to prevent that from continuing I took my blog down.  For 5 years and 800 posts I shared about the whales, never thinking people would just take what didn't belong to them.  It has taken a while to figure out how to continue to do what I love - that is sharing about the whales.  I am rebuilding a summary of the last 5 years and including the highlights/important events I have experienced. It may take a while...I'll be adding them in their correct time frame, so they will appear in the archived list by date.

Thanks, and welcome to my first ever post!

Post #1!
Friday, May 16th

Woke up early...walking down the hall...glanced out the window...there they were...25 killer whales of J Pod passing by...they were in a resting mode (sleeping to us)...completely silent. The water is calm and there is just about no other sound...except the whales when they would surface to breathe...all grouped together...3 to 4 shallow dives and several at a time surfacing in unison (oh what a sight and a sound)... and then a long dive. If I hadn't looked at just that moment I would have missed them completely...what a wonderful way to start my blog and to start the day!