Saturday, February 19, 2022

February 19, 2022 & a Look Back to Feb 2010

On February 19, 2022, on CBS News, Saturday Morning there was a heartfelt piece about Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research, and the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

It is on:

   CBS Saturday Morning.  

     The title of the piece is: 

        Documenting and Saving Orcas


The piece above brought back some fond memories. So, I decided to look for an image or two.  When I saw these...oh, I remember the day well.  I stopped here because the date was in February, 12 years ago.

Looking back to February 21, 2010.

The images below were taken from Capt. Jim's boat the Peregrine (another fond memory), February 21, 2010. We were coming back to the dock (after spending time with J & K pods going north in Canadian waters) when we learned there were some whales not too far away so, instead of docking, we headed back out.

This was a day that there was an unexpected surprise in store - a new calf!


The Center for Whale Research assigned the alpha-numeric designation to be L-114.  

Thank you, Ken for your continued dedication to the Southern Resident orcas and for your heartfelt words, for all to hear, on the CBS Saturday Morning segment.