Wednesday, June 15, 2022

6-1-2022 Orca Calf J-59 with mom Hy'Shqa J-37

June 1 was a full day of J Pod along the west side of San Juan Island.

These images are just one 'look into the world' of baby, J-59 and mom, on that day.

One image had me a bit curious. But then looking at the related before and after images in the sequence things seemed to be normal.  

It is the area behind her blow hole that seemed to be sunken.

...and on they went...even auntie, Suttles J-40, joined them.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

5-26-2022 It's All About the Babies!

A continuation of May 26, 2022. Some of the story on the previous posts and more to follow.

In the middle of the whales going every which way, this eagle swooped in & caught a meal - a momentary distraction from the whales!

Thank you Soundwatch!

Looks like Cookie was taking a quick break from all the goings-on.
A bit later...

5-26-2022 A Glimpse into Orca Life

There was so much going on with the whales during those days in May and June 1st. As I continue to go through images, I may not be posting in order, but will, hopefully have the correct day!

For those I know who couldn't be there due to various circumstances and for those who were there who may or may not have realized some of the 'goings on'...especially the last image on this post - wow!

...there will be more...