Sunday, April 21, 2019

4-21-19 Orcas in Friday Harbor Today

Sunday, April 21st 
...interesting and busy time in the harbor late this afternoon... telling where the T65As will show up (or not) tomorrow...

Monday, April 8, 2019

4-8-19 J Pod on the West Side Today!

Monday, April 8th
...J Pod showed up in Puget Sound yesterday, and were seen throughout the day...late in the day they were coming, going back there was no clear potential direction leading into the night hours...
...not thinking they would show up along the west side, I took a different lens to 'play' around with - BIG MISTAKE!  :)
...they did show up...just after the downpour ended...much needed rain and much needed seeing J Pod whales...

I evidently messed up the some settings because most images were really out of I decided to get artsy with a few of them...

...Echo tail slapped her way through the park!
..most of the whales were far offshore, but not all...there the last group to come by were Princess Angeline J-17, Moby J-44, and Kiki J-53.
...pretty neat too, Alex, an adopter of Moby J-44, was there when Moby surfaced near the lighthouse...needless to say, he was quite happy he was there! 
...pretty wonderful to see the looks on people's faces - their big smiles - at seeing orcas in the wild for the first time in their life...I know it makes me smile as I sure it does others who know just how special it is to see them. clip of some of their sounds from today...
...and my most favorite picture of today was taken by a friend and researcher...he said, "I presume that's you in the red jacket."   

me: big smile when I saw that!  Thank you, Mark!!