Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Received from: Southern Resident Killer Whale Salmon Initiative

Video:   Tahlequah's Story of Grief and Hope.  

So very well worth watching and understanding her plight.


Also a posting from Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans, Canada that researchers saw some SRKWs near Swiftsure Bank area, which includes a ship slowdown area. 

News article link. (hope it's okay to post a link here)

Months-old orca calf spotted off Vancouver Island, confirmed to be female | CTV News

But if the link didn't's some brief info. The image posted is of Element L-125 whose sex was not known until that photo.  A female!  She sure looked energetic! L Pod often travels in three different groups.  The group that 'Elee' (for short) and her mother, Surprise! L-86, travel with consist of about 18 orcas. 

She was seen near the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca in an area near an Interim Sanctuary Zone (it is an area of reduced noise and physical disturbance from vessels in key whale foraging areas). 

In recent years the SRKWs have spent an increased amount of time out there and less in the inland waters around the San Juan Islands.          Seems like that's where the salmon are...

...which takes me back to Tahlequah's Story of Grief and Hope - It's about the salmon and the dams. On Southern Resident Killer Whale Salmon Initiative's website read about why it matters.

Then consider taking action.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

7-20-2021 Words from 2018 Still Need Repeating Today

Looking for something on my blog today (July 2021) the first post I opened was from 12-31-2018. It still applies today.

Hold those moments in your heart.

 Be different by making a difference.
  Hold all the oceans and the land in high regard, 
       in everything you do.
   Too many do not. 
    Consider your actions - are they good or not good.
     Each day decide to take an action to help this ailing earth.
      What you do, others will repeat.
       Take your worry, sadness, fears - change them around.
        Turn worry into action for good.
         Turn sadness into smiles for others.
          Turn fear into challenge to make a difference.

Make a difference:
for the whales;
for the salmon;
for the herring;
for the birds;
for the trees;
add to the list...

Now let's make 2019 a year of positive energy and positive change for the good of all beings and especially the Southern Residents.
After all, they are the ones who drew us in, in the first place.
It's time to give back to them, so they will be here for future generations, theirs and ours.

It seems that we haven't done enough, since it is now 2021 and the salmon are little to none and the Southern Residents are out in the open ocean hopefully finding food somewhere.  If they come in to these waters and if there are no salmon ahead of them, that is a terrible sign.  Why? Because it means their food became scarce out in the open ocean.  

So if it means we don't see them then maybe it means they are finding food elsewhere and maybe they are having quieter seas and less human interruptions to deal with.  All guesses on my part.  The whales know that they want to survive and will do all they can for each other.

It would be nice if the humans could learn to be that way with other humans.