Monday, January 14, 2019

1-14-19 First Half of January - Busy with Whales!

...up to late in the day January 14...

January 3:...J, K, and L Pod calls over the Lime Kiln hydrophones, in the night.
No other, known to me, sightings of any of them until:

 -January 10: when K and L Pods were seen in Puget Sound...That's when a new baby in L Pod was seen (a few weeks old, per CWR), L-124 !
-January 10: J Pod was seen going west in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, not terribly far to the west though...

-January 11:

While I was watching Princess Angeline, the K and L Pod whales were leaving Puget Sound.  They met up later in the day (see CWR's report) and were going west in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  
January 12: (with internet issues I don't know what went on in the night of January 11 regarding hearing any whales) was close to 1pm when I heard brief K Pod calls over the Lime Kiln hydrophones. When I got to the west side I could see a couple males, miles from shore - going down island. Note: the prior day K Pod was heading west in Juan de Fuca, with J and L where did J and L Pod whales go?
January 13: nothing
January 14: whales in San Juan Channel, going down...others were saying 5 to 7 whales and assuming Transients...nice day, let's go find them, said to self...I ended up at Cattle Pass, figuring if they continued down the channel they would eventually end up passing there...and oh, boy did they - J POD!!!
I took pictures as fast as I could. I was looking for Princess Angeline and all the others, and my camera found them all!! 

Princess Angeline was with Kiki J-53, and Moby J-44 and all of J Pod was together.  

-where are the L Pod whales?....hmmm
-assuming (never a good thing to do!) that K Pod continued west on the 12th...but maybe not :)
(it is so nice to have reliable internet connection again!)

Friday, January 4, 2019

1-3-19 Almost Midnight and Hearing SRKW Calls

Recorded late in the night on January 3, 2019
For the last couple weeks I have had major internet connection issues.
However, the only thing that seemed to work and work well was the live streaming of the Lime Kiln hydrophones.  Lucky me, cause that's my music!

Well, on the night of January, 3, 2019 the tune changed from just stormy sounding seas to some faint 'interruptions'!  HA!  SRKWs it was!

It was brief...but here's an 'orca hearing test' for you.

And just a short while ago this internet connection is back up to speed. Whew!