Sunday, May 16, 2021

5-15-2021 Bird Watching While Waiting for the T123s

Few whales and fun birds in the last several days.

While waiting to see what the T123s would do, there were several birds that got my attention.

Sharing food? or ??

Kingfisher - fast and successful

and then...

 ...the whales were not close, as you can see, and moved out of view...the birds had quieted home I got lucky to find mama Junco in the tree near her nest.  No peeping babies do I hear yet...but maybe soon.

May 14th...a humpback went by...too cool...on one surfacing the exhale was quite forceful and then when I looked at my images later I saw something, nothing fancy but do you see it in the 2nd image?

...the mama Junco was quite calm today. She is often irritated when I am near, but the front door is just about 6' away! She was preening and was very calm and not bothered with me taking lots of images.  

When I saw this image I began to wonder, "do the orcas ever itch and if they do might some of those scratch marks be from another one scratching an itch?  I may begin to look at scratches differently now!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

5-9-2021 Transient Vocals AGAIN in the Early Hours

Sunday, May 9th

Transient vocals the wee hours of this morning!

The calls didn't last as long as yesterday's, but this time there were some percussives and what sounded like 'buzzing bees' aka high-speed click trains.

Percussives and high-speed click trains translated...could be they were making a kill.

Here's a sample from this morning's audio encounter!  

Saturday, May 8, 2021

5-8-2021 Transient Vocals in the Night

early hours of May 8...

Transient vocals and loud too.

There were some calls I haven't heard before. 

Seemed like there might have been many Ts, solely based on the length of time, over an hour from first hearing them faintly, to increasing in volume, and then fading off.

The loud calls lasted quite a while and it sounded like they were on something, like a sea lion...

Here's a sample:


Friday, May 7, 2021

5-7-2021 Transients - the T123s today

Friday, May 7th

Interesting watching the T123s today.  As they came up San Juan Channel it took a while to locate where they were.  There were several boats in the channel and they were spread out.  It almost seemed as if they weren't too sure where this group of four were.  It took a while to locate them...but T123A has a large presence, so that helped.

After seeing their location I continued to watch...and watch...and watch...but they were not surfacing...and they didn't surface until they were past where I and a couple others was one of the longest down times I've seen...I'd estimate close to 15 minutes.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

5-5-2021 A Reminder from the SRKWs

 This is from 2018.  

The SRKWs are not here today.  They haven't been seen since April 10, 2021.

...sort of unusual for me because I'm usually out and about looking for the SRKWs... on a different topic...