Sunday, April 28, 2024

4-26-2024 J Pod

The last sighting of J Pod along the west side of the island was April 19. On that day the whales were spread across Haro Strait and seemed to be aiming toward Discovery Island, B.C. and likely headed back out to sea.

They were not seen again until April 26th. And again they were spread across Haro Strait.  For quite a while they were spread in a few groups and not going anywhere.  Research boats were documenting who, health, etc. When the whales began coming north, there were a few breaches and a spyhop or two.  

Some of the whales moved north and closeer to shore as they came up the west side and Lime Kiln. They continued north and passed by Low Island, off County Park, a short while later.

Just a couple images as the passed Low Island heading north.

The land in the distance is Vancouver Island. Some of the whales had been so far away that it was a splash that would get one's attention.  

One group of 3 were Eclipse J-41, her youngest Crescent J-58, and Echo J-42. Most interesting is that Echo was with them....hmmm

This type of spread indicates that salmon were not abundent through Haro Strait on this day and also on the 19th when they had come south.

It will be interesting to see when/if K Pod arrives as they often come into these waters after J Pod. However, they might be finding plenty off food off the outer Washington coast. 

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