Friday, June 30, 2023

June 30, 2023 Not 1 but 2 new calves in L Pod

The L Pod sub-group known as the L12s was seen with a new calf about a week ago off Tofino, B.C.

Yesterday, June 29, J Pod and the L12s came in to the inland waters late in the day and went north into the Strait of Georgia, B.C.  

Today, June 30, while researchers were looking for the new calf, they found that there isn't 1 BUT 2 new calves!  

Read about and see images of the Center for Whale Research encounter on FB or their website or in the news! 

It's great news and adds more hope for this population.  It's early and they have a lot of growing to do. We humans need to do our part for the whales and the waters in which they live. 

How To Help The Orcas | The Whale Museum

The whales, the eco-system need the humans' help to get healthy and stay healthy.  It takes everyone to do their part. If you have ever seen them, and I know some of you just saw them for your first time today and you realized that these are much more than just a bunch of whales in the water.  They are the 'people of the sea'.  Keep that thought because we all can learn a lot from these Southern Resident Endangered Orcas. Happy whale memories and happy whale watching of these magnificent beings!

Monday, June 26, 2023

6-26-2023 It looked like a Breaching Contest

 ...far behind in posting, but had to add today's encounter with J Pod.

J Pod came into the inland waters late in May and stayed for a few days. 

They went north into the Strait of Georgia for a couple days and came back south.  They were energetic and actively chasing salmon when they came in and again on the last day they were here in early June. 

(During their absence in the inland waters during most of June, several times a Humpback whale was seen. Not not sure how many actually came through or one or two who were changing direction and showing back up again! In addition, some Transient orcas were seen, some very close to shore.)

J Pod was seen going back out to sea on June 6, not returning until June 25.  They went north to the Strait of Georgia and came back south the following day, today.  They were spread out when they came into view from shore at Lime Kiln lighthouse. Here's just a brief sample from today.

Will they be here tomorrow, June 27th or will they be headed back out to sea?  Only they know the answer to that!  We'll just have to wait to find out.