Sunday, November 6, 2022

11-5-22 A singing HB & Catching up on SRKWs.

Thanks to this humpback...well, it's good to catch up for the last month or more!

Late September J Pod was coming down from the north...
...coming into view...approaching the lighthouse.

Tahlequah J-35 and Phoenix J-57
And whoever goes down island often comes back up the next day.  

They did!  Tahlequah, again.

Took a while to figure out this was Se-Yi-Chn J-45. 
He was catching up to Notch J-47.
...Now what are they doing here?  A couple Transients on a different day...beginning of October.
...Ah...a couple days later J Pod was coming back down island.
...always pretty to watch the birds.
...looks like the birds like watching the whales too. and baby, J-59...
...couple days later up they came...
...two big boys and both look very different...
...all this up island and down island...a snack is needed!
...and down island they came again...  Shachi J-19 in the lead and in the cove north of the lighthouse too
...Echo J-42
...Eclipse J-41 and Crescent J-58
...Cookie J-38 and J-59... (Oreo J-22 was there too), Hy'Shqa in front of J-59 and  Suttles J-40 - of course

...Blackberry J-27, about to go out of view due to the shoreline...oh, well, that's normal...but wait...!
...and the luckiest shot of the camera could have easily focused on that I got so lucky,  oh, well.. Whew!
The tip of Blackberry's dorsal fin is on the right..
Tsuchi J-31 and Tofino J-56 in front of him.

That was early October.
Since then, J Pod has been in Puget sound a lot our out to sea a lot.
To see the SRKWs as much as we have this year brings some hope.
One day of finding salmon at a time.
They need it every day of the year.