Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Look for Blows & A Very Vocal Humpback


November 19
The whales were spread across.
Not uncommon for them this year.

They went into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and then seen a few days later in Puget Sound.

On November 20
An unusual Humpback encounter.
It was during the day.
The Humpback vocalized for over 6 hours that day.
BUT the Humpback was never seen!    Really!
With calm seas an exhale from a Humpback is quite obvious, even from a great distance. 
Some people, including me, had heard it over the Lime Kiln hydrophones and got to the Park asap, because they were 'sure' that the HB was right off the lighthouse.  No one saw the it!
Here's a short sample of some of the vocals heard from this fella.

Friday, November 19, 2021

11-18-2021 The SRKWs Returned Again

A nice surprise to hear extremely faint J Pod calls early in the morning.  And so the day began.  And those calls got louder and the day more interesting...

November 18

..listen to what may have him getting a scolding or say 'he was just having some fun'

11-16-2021 SRKWs in Haro Strait

SRKWs on the west side in late October & early November

October 24

October 26

November 16

Sightings of the Southern Residents increased in October and now in November.
Most of the encounters the whales have been farther offshore but that's where the salmon mainly are.  And therefore, that's where we should want them to be - eating!